Our Mission

Founded by a Military family, Freedom Learning Group is the leading educational courseware, content, and services provider powered by a global remote workforce of Military Spouses & Veterans.

Our Story

FLG Story

Freedom Learning Group (FLG) entered the educational courseware industry in 2017 with a cutting-edge business model intentionally designed to fit the needs of Military Spouses and Veterans while keeping them competitive in their respective professional fields.

FLG specializes in educational content development, instructional design, assessment writing, accessibility compliance, ADA accessibility, accuracy review, subject matter expertise, e-Learning, audio-video services, copy editing, and project management.

Teams of subject matter experts (SMEs), project managers, and project directors work together to develop and review educational content based on the client’s needs.

FLG provides subject matter experts the opportunity to reskill and upskill with meaningful employment opportunities wherever in the world they live.

Currently, we have SMEs in 36 states and 10 different countries.
Our brick and mortar-less company provides Military Spouses and Veterans with flexibility and virtual careers to remain relevant in their industry while living the unique lifestyle required of a military family.

There is a Freedom Learning Group project for every phase of your career

Founder’s Story

My husband, Nathan, and I launched Freedom Learning Group (FLG) while stationed in Germany with the distinct motivation to provide Military Spouses with the freedom to invest in their career AND support their Servicemember. Military families serve and sacrifice in countless ways and we made it our personal mission to strengthen the career-family balance by providing career opportunities to the Military Spouses serving on the homefront too.

FLG provides 100% virtual career opportunities for Military Spouses in every imaginable discipline and industry keeping Military Spouse professionals relevant in their chosen field of study. A chemist, an engineer, a registered nurse, an attorney, or (insert just about any expertise or field) can author or review educational content from any location on the globe.

FLG was designed with the flexibility to accommodate the military lifestyle. We offer project-based work that can range from weeks to months. Military Spouses are empowered with more control over their own schedule and are able to select projects seamlessly aligning with their calendar and capacity.

We recognized a need in our Military Spouse community that was more than just the absence of a career. Military Spouses shouldn’t have to exchange passion for a paycheck, yearn for a relevant and meaningful career path, self-actualization, value and/or success. A strong family foundation is vital to the health and wellness of our Service Men and Women – family readiness is mission readiness. Raising awareness and developing solutions for the unspoken sacrifice of Military Spouses is paramount to what Freedom Learning Group represents. FLG empowers Military Spouses to take the lead and author their own career journey.

FLG Co-Founders