Our Layered Accountability Model ensures a comprehensive review of content utilizing “military-grade” best practices in project management and risk mitigation. Even Subject Matter Experts are vulnerable to human error, and we recognize the importance of establishing a collaborative support framework aimed at reducing, detecting, and removing mistakes made in the production process. Our Quality Assurance and Accuracy Review methodology ensures that no single piece of content passes through production without an entire team’s eyes on it.

We can integrate this model directly into our content production process, or we offer the service as an additional layer of assurance in post-production depending on a client’s needs.



“Right before our STEM courses were about to go live we became aware of a large amount of errors produced by a prior vendor. We needed a quick, thorough, and affordable fix to get ahead of students + professors ready to dive in to our content. Freedom Learning Group assembled an amazing team of Military Spouses - chemists, engineers, and mathematicians - who reviewed over 30K assessments in under a month. They made edits to over 5000 assessments and instructional pieces of content. Their QA model works - they are an amazing group with incredible integrity and drive - and a true pleasure to work with.”

- Content Operations Manager at [CLASSIFIED], an adaptive learning edtech, NYC

"I asked FLG’s team to do a comprehensive evaluation of our test prep materials prior to our product launch. FLG built a customised “deep dive” accuracy review process and dashboard. Their QA model included an assurance of alignment within our own product, and also offered a comparison to existing products on the market already. They identified areas for improvement, and their SMEs developed additional content to fill any gaps. FLG delivered ahead of our deadline, and gave us the confidence that our product was truly best in class”.

- Senior Manager at [CLASSIFIED], a global IT certification association

Our Commitment to Accuracy Review

"Ensuring delivery of error-free, accurate, and high-quality content requires a combination of methodology and mindset. FLG’s teams deploy effective, comprehensive, and risk-oriented review methodology to achieve accountability and consistency. However, our “secret sauce” is in the leadership mindset we take over every single piece of content. We have provided hundreds of thousands of assessments and instruction, and I take personal responsibility for ensuring quality on all of it. Our strong organizational culture and military commitment to accountability means every Vice President, Senior Project Director, Project Manager, and Team Lead feels the same personal level of ownership of all the products under their command”.


- Nathan, Chief Executive Officer, Freedom Learning Group

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Freedom Learning Group is proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) specializing in educational content development, ADA/Section 508 accessibility compliance, and accuracy review.

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