Achieve Partners Acquires Leading Instructional Design Firm, Freedom Learning Group

Achieve Partners Acquires Its Second Next-Gen Apprenticeship Platform

Freedom Learning Group prepares workers for in-demand online learning jobs; creates career opportunities for Military Spouses and Veterans

New York, NY – AUGUST 5, 2021 – Achieve Partners today announced the acquisition of Freedom Learning Group (FLG), which trains Military Spouses and Veterans to develop online courses for colleges and employers including Google, Coursera, and Wiley. Founded by pioneering investors Ryan Craig and Daniel Pianko, Achieve invests in companies that translate skills and experience into positive labor market outcomes.

“Over the past year, online education has proved critical to meeting America’s learning needs,” said FLG CEO Elizabeth O’Brien. “FLG is the fastest-growing instructional design and online courseware provider due to our unique talent advantage. By identifying and upskilling high-caliber, underemployed subject matter experts and instructional designers, we are filling roles that are vital to meet the skyrocketing demand for online education.”

Founded by Stacey Ecelbarger and her husband Nathan while he was stationed overseas as a U.S. Marine, FLG specializes in leveraging remote, flexible work and upskilling programs to help military SMEs apply their expertise in the fast-growing online learning field. Military Spouses and Veterans are often highly educated but underemployed due to constraints such as frequent relocation, distance from urban centers, and minimal childcare access.

“As courseware becomes more technical and specific, the biggest barrier to producing high-quality online learning is access to subject matter experts, and particularly those with instructional design experience,” said Cassidy Leventhal, Vice President at Achieve Partners. “FLG has solved this by developing an unparalleled SME network combined with instructional design apprenticeships. FLG has invested five years and millions of dollars to develop this pathway for unrecognized talent, and we look forward to helping them accelerate its growth and impact for thousands of veterans and military spouses.”

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