Accredited Instructional Design Internship Program

Freedom Learning Group and Colorado State University - Global partner to offer military internships in instructional design through a 100% online 12-Credit Graduate Certificate in Digital Instructional Architecture.  

What is Instructional Architecture?

Digital Instructional Design Can Be

Your Blueprint for Success

The infusion of 21st-century technology has revolutionized how we learn, resulting in a demand for individuals who can create engaging and meaningful educational experiences for others through digital and online mediums - also known as Instructional Architects. Instructional Architects analyze the learning environment, develop meaningful learning outcomes and select teaching and assessment methods aligned with those outcomes to create engaging, accessible educational experiences for all learners.

What will I get out of this Program?

A graduate-level certificate from an accredited, top-ranked Regionally Accredited State University

This transcribable, nationally recognized certificate serves as a stackable credential; credits earned can count toward a future master’s degree.

The Graduate Certificate in Digital Instructional Architecture is designed for modern learners who want to broaden their skills in instructional design and program development in the technology-driven, online-learning environment. Students do not need prior instructional design experience, but they along with students who do have a formal background in education, training, or adult learning will gain an advanced understanding of designing and building effective, state-of-the-art online curriculum.

The program covers the spectrum of digital instructional modalities, including:

  • Practical, hands-on education technology training.

  • Real-world knowledge application through internships.

  • Analytical skills to tailor educational experiences to the learner.

  • Applying digital instructional design techniques and tools.

  • Leading project teams through the instructional design process.

  • Supporting strategic training and development goals to drive organizational success.

  • Assessing the effectiveness of a variety of teaching methods.

  • Assessing Knowledge.

  • Using Social Media for learning purposes.

  • Creating academic standards and resources for a variety of disciplines and industries.

An Internship with FLG

An internship

with Freedom Learning Group, the nation’s fastest growing military-friendly eLearning provider in the industry

As part of the program students will receive credits while participating in a 100% virtual, “hands-on” internship working with FLG’s Senior Project Directors and Instructional Designers on a variety of eLearning projects, gaining experience not only in the industry, but alongside FLG’s leaders who are continually looking for reliable, quality talent. While the apprenticeship is an unpaid portion of the graduate certificate program, the relationships built as part of the program are designed to create a pathway towards employment with FLG after completion of the certificate for the students who demonstrate quality, and leadership consistent with FLG’s standards.

About Colorado State University Global

FLG and CSU Global are partners of The Department of Defense Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP)  program 

Colorado State University-Global Campus (CSU-Global) offers career-relevant bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for working adults and nontraditional learners. As the first and only 100% online, fully accredited public university in the United States, CSU-Global is focused on student success as its number one priority. Embracing the land grant heritage as part of the Colorado State University System, CSU-Global sets the standard for quality and innovation in higher education through its expert faculty who are recognized as industry leaders and trained in working with adults in an online learning environment.

Awesome! I’m an Instructional Architect. Now what?

This transcribable, nationally recognized certificate serves as a stackable credential; credits earned can count toward a future master’s degree.


There are many benefits to working as an instructional architect, a few include:

  • Exciting earning potential

  • Interacting with the newest technology

  • Making learning accessible to more learners

  • Supporting personal lifelong learning goals

  • Learning how people think

  • Networking with amazing like-minded people

  • The ability to work for yourself


As an instructional architect, there are opportunities to work in almost any industry because organizations need to continually train and develop their employees.

What does this program’s roadmap look like?



This 12 credit-hour, stand-alone program consists of four, three credit courses:

  • ISD500 Advanced Theory of Instructional Design and Architecture- 8 weeks with new courses beginning every 4 weeks

  • ISD501 Design and Project Management for Instructional Architects (Internship) 8 weeks with new courses offered every 4 weeks

  • ISD502 Learning Technologies and Innovation 8 week with new courses beginning every 4 weeks

  • ISD503 Course Development and Project Evaluation (Internship)  8 weeks with new courses beginning every 4 weeks

A personal note from FLG about the certificate program and partnership

As a Military Spouse & Veteran employer, we recognize the vast experience and subject matter expertise represented by Service Members and their Spouses, along with the challenges of unemployment and underemployment associated with military life.


You shouldn’t have to “settle” for an entry level job at the next duty station or after transition, or continually “reinvent” your profession or career interests. As an engineer, a chemist, and attorney, a medical have professional value. Find a new purpose for that value in the field of instructional design. Help create the educational resources and academic standards for your own industry.


Since 2017, Freedom Learning Group has employed hundreds of military spouses and veterans to develop educational content specifically for their value as experts in their fields. Engineers, attorneys, chemists, and medical professionals have found sustainable employment reapplying and repurposing their expertise in the eLearning industry.

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Freedom Learning Group is proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) specializing in educational content development, ADA/Section 508 accessibility compliance, and accuracy review.

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