Freedom Learning Group has extensive experience in OER. We are skilled in content curation, quality improvements, and developing full courses for the nation’s leading educational technology and adaptive learning companies who rely heavily on OER to fuel adoption models and ensure high quality content at affordable costs.


We also recognize the challenges associated with leveraging such a vast ocean of content, often varying in quality, consistency, and alignment with our partners’ existing platforms, course structures, and student objectives. The “wild west” of OER libraries can create sensory overload during the curation and revision process that can hinder an organization’s or team’s ability to effectively scale the OER solution. When that happens, the FLG team is here to help. We can provide:

  • Direct LMS/CMS content alignment

  • OER curation, quality assurance, and accuracy checking

  • Integrated Faculty liaising and support

  • Content objective development

  • Strategic project management

We support both the OER “Evangelists” (faculty and instructional designers, creating, using, and preaching the value of OER in the classroom) and OER “Architects” (adaptive learning companies or institutions who use their platforms as a delivery mechanism for OER for students and faculty) by partnering together to harness the value of OER towards strategic, scalable, consistent delivery back to faculty and students.



“Beating a $300 textbook with a $30 OER course is awesome. The downside is losing the quality assurance that comes with the proofreading/accuracy checking/editorial process that major publishers provide in their content production process. A huge barrier to OER adoption is a critique of the quality, inability to access the content in the platform, or when faculty are unable to customize content themselves within their own curricula. Freedom Learning Group’s team of instructional designers was able to engage directly with [CLASSIFIED]’s faculty, listen to their concerns about quality improvement and align, and then execute those changes directly in the back-end of our LMS. FLG took faculty input and feedback, balanced it with their deeper understanding of how our product actually works, and found an effective content solution that kept faculty and students happy and our product consistent.”

- LMS Administrator at [CLASSIFIED] college

“As a vendor, FLG is to publishers, adaptive learning companies, and institutions what OER is to students and faculty. A resourceful, effective, and affordable solution to supplement your content team and course development plan. What’s more, FLG’s instructional designers are actual subject matter experts or faculty themselves, and help improve the quality of the actual content while also focused on the design within a system’s adaptive framework. “

- Content Manager at [CLASSIFIED], global adaptive learning company

Our “Marie Kondo” Model and Commitment to High Quality OER

While the OER space is filled with passionate, collaborative faculty driving the mission of affordability and accessibility, we recognize the “at the end of the day” need for quality, consistency, and scalability aligning content with curriculum and outcomes. Our focused team of instructional designers approach each project and piece of content with three questions in mind:


  • Does it meet your specific objectives for student engagement and learning outcomes?

  • Does it meet your strategic objectives for content aligned within your platform?

  • Does it meet your standards for quality in higher education content?


Or, in other words, “Does it spark joy”? If not, let’s help you create something that does.

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Freedom Learning Group is proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) specializing in educational content development, ADA/Section 508 accessibility compliance, and accuracy review.

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