FLG CEO Comments on 22% Military Spouse Unemployment Rate from Recent White House Report

The White House recently released a report finding that the Military Spouse unemployment rate has remained at 22% – four times the national average.

Elizabeth O’Brien, CEO of Freedom Learning Group comments, “The solution for a 22% under- and unemployment among Military Spouses is a flexible and remote workforce – a business model engineered by Freedom Learning Group (FLG) in order to keep Military Spouses competitive in their respective fields while living the unique lifestyle of a military family.

FLG is intentionally working to close the skills gap and return Military Spouses to the workforce in a flexible and remote environment. We not only look to secure talent and project by project – we are going a step further to provide growth opportunities, and formal training to ensure our workforce is successful on day one and beyond through our Training Hub program. Training Hub will ultimately increase a Military Spouse’s career opportunities allowing them to gain control of their and increase their competitiveness among other candidates in the job market.”

FLG is proud that since inception in 2017, we have paid over $6.5 million to Military Spouses and Veterans – 64% of our talent community. Our workforce spans 40 states and 10 countries. To learn more about FLG and our mission to be the solution to Military Spouse unemployment, visit freedomlearninggroup.com.