STEM Education

Freedom Learning Group Commits $125,000 to Workforce Development Initiatives and STEM Education.

May 15, 2021

Freedom Learning Group (FLG) has recently announced their commitment of $125,000, including $25,000 to STEM education, to workforce development initiatives by 2025. As a company founded on a social mission, this investment advances a passion for retraining and upskilling subject matter experts through FLG’s Last Mile Training (LMT).  At FLG, we value training programs that provide pathways to career opportunities and empower today’s workforce for the future of work.

FLG is committed to creating economic opportunities for Military Spouses, Veterans and displaced professionals while connecting to and improving the communities where we live and work. Offering best in class training and development opportunities coupled with remote, flexible, portable project based work contributes to the wellbeing, professional advancement and financial security of Military Families across the globe. 

Jill Gerhart, Executive Director, explains her career progression with FLG. “As a Military Spouse and woman in the engineering field, after having my first child I found it difficult to continue a career in the profession that would allow the flexibility I needed.  I started working as a subject matter expert with FLG while stationed in Germany.  The company’s flexible employment options allowed me to use the core engineering skills I mastered in problem solving, critical thinking, and project management to progress my career from subject matter expert to Executive Director.  Employment with Freedom Learning Group has allowed me to have the career progression I desire without sacrificing the support I want to give my family.” 

FLG recently introduced a Last Mile Training (LMT) program created by FLG contributors. Self-paced, LMT focuses on six key topics which will enhance the onboarding process and collaborative culture experience for future subject matter experts. Amy Uthe, Chief People Officer, explains LMT further. “At Freedom Learning Group (FLG), we not only look to secure talent and subject matter experts project by project – we are going a step further to provide growth opportunities and formal training to ensure our workforce is successful on day one and beyond through Last Mile Training.” 

FLG’s LMT picks up where academia leaves off and brings a formal, strategic and

intentional approach to learning outcomes providing pathways to future career opportunities. LMT is a program for subject matter experts and talent to upskill, reskill, and grow their knowledge base – to ultimately increase their career opportunities, gain control, and increase their representation among other candidates in the job market.

FLG is empowering today’s workforce for the future of work.