Freedom Learning Group Hires its 100th Military Spouse, Commits to 900 More by 2021

Stacey Ecelbarger
President, Co-Founder
Freedom Learning Group, LLC

CASSELBERRY, Fla., Nov. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Freedom Learning Group, LLC (FLG) announced the hiring of its 100th Military Spouse, celebrating an important milestone as part of its mission to provide career opportunities for Military Spouses, Veterans and their families.

FLG provides digital courseware and online program management to publishers and educational institutions around the world. FLG recently joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes Hiring 100,000 Military Spouses campaign, which aims to hire 100,000 Military Spouses by 2021. FLG committed to hiring 1,000 of those Military Spouse hires. Partner organizations in this effort include major corporations such as Amazon, Blackstone, Capital One, Comcast, Microsoft, Prudential Financial, and USAA.

“This campaign is a call to action for American businesses to make Military Spouse employment a top priority, and by joining the Hiring 100,000 Military Spouses campaign, Freedom Learning Group is doing just that,” said Eric Eversole, president of Hiring Our Heroes and vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

FLG’s networked/virtual business design allows FLG to hire Military Spouses and veterans who are subject matter experts to work remotely from anywhere in the world, writing educational content for FLG’s clients and partners.

As FLG’s 100th Military Spouse hired, Amanda Hulsey recently began work on one of FLG’s partners, Colorado State University-Global, along with a team of eight other Military Spouses.

“FLG provides such an incredible opportunity for me to continue working in my education field remotely, while keeping me involved with such a great virtual team,” she said.

By deploying America’s second largest fighting force – Military Spouses – across the education industry to provide educational content services, FLG has experienced 300 percent revenue growth and rapid expansion in under two years of operations.

“We are very proud to provide gainful employment and career enhancement to so many great people,” said Brian Wierman, reserve Marine lieutenant colonel and FLG’s new Chief Strategy Officer. “Our business model is sound, and allows for continued scaling.  We will be able to hire many more Military Spouses and Veterans moving out into 2019. Nathan and Stacey Ecelbarger [FLG’s CEO, president and co-founders] have identified a great social mission, an endless pool of quality experts, and an ongoing need for content contributors by educational institutions and publishers. FLG is strategically poised to provide continued and scalable solutions for digital courseware and content development in the education industry”.

About Freedom Learning Group:
Freedom Learning Group, LLC is a full-service digital courseware developer and education consultancy supporting publishers, colleges and universities, and OER learning companies. They specialize in content development and review, ADA/Section 508 accessibility compliance, and high-quality education and training solutions.  Recent expansion of services includes organizational and strategy development.  Connect with FLG through their website at and on social media through Facebook and LinkedIn.