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Senior Project Director

Business Finance Accounting

Welcome to the FLG 2020 hiring event of the year

Fully Remote Position

Starting $83,200 Annual Salary

W-2 and 1099 Contract Opportunities

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Highly Competitive PTO, Reimbursement, and Comprehensive Bonus Package

Essential Qualifications

➢ Supporting FLG’s mission to eliminate Military Spouse underemployment while providing exceptional product delivery.
➢ Planning, overseeing, and directing between 52 and 104 new projects per year. While FLG’s goal is to maintain a steady, controlled flow of project initiation, SPD’s should expect and anticipate fluctuation throughout the year in the volume, frequency, and urgency of project requirements, driven by client need. ➢ FLG’s executive team will work closely with SPDs to balance individual capacity with project needs and evaluate case-by-case solutions in situations where SPD capacity is limited but project volume is high, to include short-term workforce increases or delegation of SPD tasks to other team members. 
➢ Supervising the work of Project Managers and contributing to their professional development.
➢ Overseeing and contributing to FLG Project Managers’ professional development and competence in: 

  • Product Management - Protect FLG quality, and study continuous industry standards of products and services. 

  • Profit Management - Based on our profit model, how to achieve it, protect it, adjust it, and when to ignore it with a clear plan for “why”.

  • Planning Management - Our planning process, how to identify scope, risks, chokepoints, and other elements that ensure project success. 

  • Project Management - Day-to-day management of deadlines, teams, and internal/external updates.

  • People Management - Protect FLG, protect our SMEs, protect our staff, protect our clients through Supervised Delegation. 

  • Problem Management - when the plan doesn’t work, how to diagnose a solution that solves the problem in light of all the other “P’s”.

➢ Managing and supervising all phases of the project cycle—from design through report delivery.
➢ Understanding strategic market challenges and developing appropriate project plans and proposals.
➢ Developing and planning project plans, schedules, and budgets.
➢ Formulating analysis plans.
➢ Scheduling and coordinating internal and external resources.
➢ Overseeing project fieldwork and reviewing content quality.
➢ Ensure timely and accurate completion of all financial processes, controls, and reports, i.e., internal budgets, costs to complete, billings, collections, subcontractor payments, change order preparation and resolution, contracts, etc.
➢ Contributing to the effort to acquire new clients, managing and deepening existing client relationships.
➢ Develop, nurture, and maintain ongoing client, subcontractor, and industry relationships at the appropriate level reinforcing FLG's dedication to continuously address their needs and interests.
➢ Supervise the development of all content developed by contributors, content authors, and subject matter experts. 
➢ Serve as the first point of contact and liaison between FLG, contractors, and clients.
➢ Author SOWs as needed.
➢ Comprehensive Project Review/Status Updates. 
➢ Quality Assurance review and revision regarding the quality of work and progress of all contractors assigned to the project.
➢ Develop project processes and policies to improve organizational efficiency.
➢ Ensure adherence and implementation of FLG’s Layered Accountability Model in content development and review process. 
➢ Successfully develop and complete the products assigned to you, meeting or exceeding client requirements and expectations.
➢ Coordinate and plan coverage around time off. Support the Project Director team to stand in as the point of contact as needed. 

➢ 5 - 10 years of professional work experience in educational content development preferred

➢ Client Account Management experience, preparing client-facing reports, analysis, efficiency consulting, and KPI development.

➢ Experience managing project budgets and financials, Profit & Loss reporting, cost of goods/sales efficiencies.

➢ Corporate experience designing, developing and delivering custom B2B products.

➢ Demonstrated experience in managing remote teams and individual contributor feedback in digital product development.

➢ Advanced competency leveraging the functionality of all G-Suite products (sheets, docs, etc.)

➢ Combination of formal education  (Bachelor’s Degree), certification, and professional experience in Business, Finance or Accounting.

➢ Efficiency consulting experience, Lean Six Sigma certification, or similar

➢ Ambitious with the ability to work independently but also serve as a solid team player with exceptional leadership skills.

➢ Interpersonal awareness to interact, challenge, advise, and deliver solutions to the team.

Roles & Responsibilities

The SPD role will require a proactive, professional attitude & mentality. The quality of work is a direct reflection of SPD leadership & management abilities.

SPD's practice the “Extreme Ownership” management model - The SPD is responsible for the quality of work they design, personally execute or assign to others, & take ownership of the quality of products & services provided to each FLG client.

SPD's primarily design project plans & processes, but also direct & supervise their execution by FLG Project Managers.

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