Interview with FLG Chief of Staff, Meg Vrabel, for Women’s History Month

FLG is concluding honoring Women’s History Month at the end of March. As opposed to looking back on history, however, FLG has looked forward to women in the workforce and what their future holds. How does FLG best support women in the workforce?

FLG is an amazing employer for women looking to maintain a career in their respective field, but also looking for flexibility, all while contributing to an incredible mission. FLG is a landing zone for all women looking for fulfilling employment, not just Military Spouses or Veterans.

As a third generation-Veteran, service must flow through your blood. What are some ways you encourage others to serve?

Join your company’s Business Resource Group. Participate in service initiatives such as Operation Gratitude. Speak up when you see something that needs to be addressed.

You can be a leader in any initiative that does good for your team or your community. Leadership and service is not limited by titles.

What is your advice for women setting out on their career path?

Be open to new opportunities, even if they are out of your comfort zone.

Treat everyone with kindness and respect, no matter their title.

Be true to yourself, and always put your family and your values first.

What is your leadership philosophy and how do you intend to apply it in your role at FLG?

Contrary to some business philosophes, I truly believe that as a leader you can provide a positive, supportive culture in the workplace where every person is treated with the utmost respect and kindness – and STILL get incredible business results. This is the cornerstone of my leadership philosophy, and I intend to continue to use it as my foundation when joining this great team!

What lessons did you learn on the court that you apply to your career?

Sometimes you’re a leading scorer, and sometimes your only job is to defend a strong player on the opposing team. Move your ego to the side and always support your team’s goal. All teams are different, on and off the court, and your role will be different on each of them for the rest of your career.