FLG Culture

FLG Culture

From home offices around the globe, FLG contributors are taking the learning and edtech industry by storm, bringing flexible careers to a whole new level.

With a focus on our mission and our community, FLG has always been about bringing people together, inspiring hope, and creating change. We are committed to creating economic opportunities for military spouses, veterans, and displaced professionals while connecting to and improving the communities we call home. Read our full Corporate Social Responsibility statement here.

Wall of Fame

While we don’t have a lobby to hang our Wall of Fame photos on, that won’t stop us from having a Wall of Fame! Each month, we highlight team members who have gone above and beyond in their role or are an outstanding representation of our corporate values in their daily work. These members are manager and peer-nominated and we are proud to highlight their accomplishments. 


December 2023

Charles is an expert in his field, incredibly thorough, and dedicated to client satisfaction. He consistently steps up for his teammates, pivoting as needed to meet deadlines, and demonstrating a commitment to delivering an extremely high level of quality in his work. He continues to impress us and our clients. Well done, Charles!


November 2023

Jasmine is an educator at her core and incredible at capturing the client’s vision on any project. She is reliable and always available to help when additional hands are needed. Jasmine brings extensive knowledge and skill from advanced degrees and years of experience and focus in K-12 education. Well done, Jasmine!


October 2023

Trace continues to impress his peers with his propensity for assuming new challenges and leadership roles. As a project manager and team leader, he exhibits exemplary communication skills and demonstrates a keen ability to collate and analyze information, ensuring the enhancement of project results. His unwavering commitment to integrity is evident in every facet of his work. Congratulations, Trace!


September 2023

Marc’s expertise in cybersecurity and information systems includes over 30 certifications and decades of experience with the US Navy, Army, and the Treasury. Not only does he bring a wealth of information to his project teams, he consistently produces high-quality work, and leads by example with his positive attitude and flexibility. Thank you for your service, Marc. We are honored to have you on our team!


August 2023

Alex is a content author who has impressed us from day one with her exceptional learning capabilities and unmatched proficiency in managing a heavy workload. Most impressively, she possesses a keen ability to understand and flawlessly meet her client’s expectations. Her team members describe her as a quick learner who readily tackles new challenges with enthusiasm and consistently brings innovative solutions to the table. Well done, Alex!


July 2023

Mona is a lead instructional designer who goes above and beyond to wow her clients and guide her team. Her team members describe her as an incredible talent and wonderful to work with. She continues to impress her clients and teammates with exceptional instructional design skills and a positive attitude. She is grace under pressure and a true superstar, and we are thrilled to recognize her in this way.


June 2023

Dan is considerate, timely, and thoughtful in all his work. As a reviewer, Dan is an uplifting team member who helps deliver an exceptional product every time. His positivity and expertise are an asset to everyone he works with. Thank you, Dan, for being the best part of FLG!


May 2023

Cole is an active-duty Army soldier and a valuable contributor. Process and reporting are at the forefront of everything we do at FLG and Cole consistently raises his hand to lend expertise that enables us to leverage our data in the most meaningful way. With clients, his communication skills and ability to relay actionable feedback ensure we are creating the best products. Well done, Cole!

Sara Portrait


April 2023

Sara is a knowledgeable subject matter expert, passionate about her quality of work and contributions to FLG on her projects in the academic space. She works well independently, is reliable, and is an excellent communicator—an asset to have on any project team. Congratulations, Sara!



March 2023

Christina brings positivity and professionalism to her projects, along with outstanding work ethic and great attention to detail. She is a tremendous asset to FLG, delivering high-quality work and an eagerness to offer forward-thinking solutions. We are very excited to have Christina on our team, and look forward to many more projects to come!

Samantha portrait


February 2023

Samantha is a valuable contributor, and an asset to have on any project team. Recently she took it upon herself to develop training videos for a new project, displaying pride in her services and support for her team. The quality of her work is consistently outstanding. Well done, Samantha!


January 2023

Matt works diligently with clients to build thoughtful, rigorous learning content. He does a great job communicating with his project teams, helping everyone to be confident in the deliverables. Matt continuously strives for process improvement and delivers amazing work on time, every time. Thank you, Matt!


October 2022

Adrianna is a wonderful Project Manager. She is a strong communicator with a keen eye for detail. Her ability to partner with Talent Acquisition to quickly scale, assemble and onboard her project teams is unparalleled. Congratulations, Adrianna!


September 2022

Amy thinks multiple steps ahead and comes up with elegant solutions to address potential issues. She streamlines data to make it as easy as possible to navigate. She has kept a challenging project with a massive team and thousands of lines of data running smoothly! She is a spreadsheet wizard, an amazing project coordinator, and a calm anchor amid any storms that arise. Keep up the great work, Amy!


August 2022

Holly hit the ground on a calculus-based physics project and absolutely hit quality out of the park! She is always willing to take on some additional work to help out her peers. Holly is dependable, easy to communicate with, and an all-around excellent contributor to have on a project. Well done, Holly!


July 2022

As a recent graduate of the FLG Project Management training program, Jules stepped in as a Project Manager to backfill a colleague on leave. Expertly driving the project forward, Jules fostered strong relationships with her new team and engaged additional support to ensure success. All while moving across the country! You are doing an awesome job, Jules!


June 2022

Jenna has worked for FLG both as a SME and project manager. As a SME, Jenna delivered exceptional quality work on time, every time. As a project manager, Jenna excels at setting schedules, communicating with SMEs, and managing client expectations. Jenna’s communication skills help keep the project on schedule and quality at or above standards. We really enjoy having Jenna on the team!