A pathway for contributors to upskill, reskill, and grow their knowledge base.

Training Hub

Here at Freedom Learning Group (FLG), we not only look to secure talent and subject matter experts project by project – we are going a step further to provide growth opportunities and formal training to ensure our workforce is successful on day one and beyond through the Training Hub.

Ensuring our workforce is well equipped for their role at FLG and beyond
Training Hub takes typical onboarding and upskilling a step further by formalizing intentional and measured learning outcomes to ensure our contributors are successful on day one while offering continued growth opportunities. 
Training Hub offers numerous learning paths and touchpoints that can be customized to fit the needs of our talent community and our clients.

Our Model
Contributors can enroll in upskilling opportunities through stackable learning paths or standalone modules. Each learning path consists of robust, automated training for FLG specific operations, in tandem with industry specific training through our learning partners. Upon completion of the automated training, students are immersed in on-the-job training focused on refinement of newly learned skills all while ensuring client and project success.

FLG Training Hub

Our Training Hub provides our workforce of Military Spouses, Veterans, and Civilians with choices and opportunities to drive their own careers


“The project management learning path has given me the necessary skills, resources, and connections to become a successful PM at FLG. I appreciate the guides to PM lingo and have a full understanding of processes. The mentorship and community-building within the learning path have been invaluable!”

Elizabeth R., Project Manager

Training Hub Learning Paths & Modules

Training Hub currently offers two learning paths for our talent community:

  • FLG Orientation: All new contributors must participate in this learning path before joining an FLG project.
  • Project Management:  This learning path will allow our current team members to upskill and become an FLG certified project manager.

In consultation with our Future of Learning Advisory Board, we are continuing to expand our learning paths and stand alone modules.  These additional opportunities will not only help meet the future needs of our clients, they will have further decrease the ongoing training gaps that Military Spouse, Veteran, and underrepresented professionals experience throughout their careers.

“Achieve Partners is proud to back FLG, which aligns with our mission of reengineering the future of learning and earning to create economic opportunities for millions of Americans. FLG’s Training Hub is the only model within the elearning industry to offer upskilling and reskilling pathways for a fully remote workforce. Training Hub will harness digital transformation to level the playing field and support continuous career growth for thousands of talented remote professionals.”

Cassidy Leventhal, Vice President at Achieve Partnerships