A pathway for subject matter experts and talent to upskill, reskill, and grow their knowledge base.

Training Hub

Our Training Hub provides our workforce of Military Spouses, Veterans, and Civilians with choices and opportunities to drive their own careers

Here at Freedom Learning Group (FLG), we not only look to secure talent and subject matter experts project by project – we are going a step further to provide growth opportunities,and formal training to ensure our workforce is successful on day one and beyond through the Training Hub.

Ensuring our workforce is well equipped for their role at FLG and beyond

The Training Hub is a formalized solution to an ongoing issue that has impacted our workforce for decades. Employers look for specialized skill sets and certifications that may or may not be provided through a formal academic curriculum or training program, meaning qualified candidates are overlooked for positions or fail search parameters due to education or training gaps in their resume.

  • An engineering job posting requires two years of experience in a particular software platform. A candidate has the degree and qualifications needed to succeed in the role, but no formal experience. They cannot be hired without the experience, and they can’t get the experience without the job. There is no mechanism in place to obtain it and many qualified candidates are overlooked in the process. The candidate doesn’t land the job, the employer doesn’t fill the position – this scenario has vast implications on our workforce and economy.

Intentionally designed learning outcomes: Picking up where academia leaves off

As in most companies, formal training occurs through the onboarding process and organically through
the course of a project or task performed (on the job training). FLG is taking it a step further by formalizing intentional and measured learning outcomes to ensure our contributors are ready to successfully begin work on day one, while also offering continued growth opportunities. Beginning April 26, 2021 all new SMEs will go through a self-paced Training Hub program on six key topics including an Introduction to FLG, Skills for Success and Content Development.

FLG’s Training Hub picks up where academia leaves off and brings a formal, strategic and
intentional approach to learning outcomes.

Pathways to further career opportunities

The Training Hub also serves as a pathway for subject matter experts and talent to upskill, reskill, and grow their knowledge base – to ultimately increase their career opportunities, gain control, and increase their representation among other candidates in the job market.

FLG is empowering today’s workforce for the future of work

The Training Hub strengthens the knowledge base of our contributors, operationalizes their skill set for future roles, and provides demonstrated experience in these areas that can be added to a resume.