Pathways to Economic Opportunity for Remote Workforce Broadens to Include Project Management

FLG’s Training Hub expands to provide their geographically dispersed talent community the opportunity to upskill to become project managers

LAKE MARY, FL. – Freedom Learning Group (FLG) is committed to building new models for learning and education, along with new pathways to economic stability. FLG looks to secure talent and goes a step further to provide growth opportunities to ensure their workforce is successful on day one and beyond through their Training Hub program. Today, FLG announces Training Hub has diversified to include a project management learning path.  

Training Hub is a formalized solution to ongoing skills gap issues that have impacted the workforce for decades.  It serves as an avenue for FLG’s talent community to upskill, reskill, and grow their knowledge base – to ultimately increase their career trajectory, and competitiveness among other candidates.

FLG contributors can enroll in asynchronous, stackable learning paths or standalone modules. Each learning path consists of robust, automated training for FLG specific operations, in tandem with industry-specific training through external learning partners. Upon completion of the automated training, students are immersed in on-the-job training focused on the refinement of newly learned skills while ensuring client and project success.

“Through the addition of our project management learning path, FLG is further solidifying our commitment of continued growth to our talent community while also ensuring delivery of the highest quality products our clients have come to expect,” said Amy Uthe, FLG’s Chief People Officer. “This learning path will allow our current team members to upskill and become an FLG certified project manager. We will offer self-paced and on-the-job training focused on company- and industry-specific learning objects.”

Elizabeth R., is in the midst of completing the training now and says, “The project management learning path has given me the necessary skills, resources, and connections to become a successful PM at FLG. I appreciate the guides to PM verbiage and have a full understanding of processes. The mentorship and community-building within the learning path have been invaluable!” 

FLG is empowering today’s workforce for the future of work. To learn more about the Training Hub, please contact the Human Capital team at