Removing Barriers for Remote Careers: How FLG Supports Women in the Workforce

Last year for Women’s History Month, Freedom Learning Group (FLG) published a white paper titled, Women in the Workforce: Recommendations for Creating Flexible & Remote Opportunities. The goal of the paper is to challenge other businesses to be a landing zone for women seeking professional opportunities at every stage of their career while sharing FLG’s successes as a global, remote, flexible project-based workforce.

Since releasing the paper, FLG has continued to position themselves as a solution for women (73% of our talent community) seeking employment by removing barriers to entry and creating an environment where their workforce is empowered to further their career. 

Jennifer Bibby, SVP, Public Affairs, recently re-entered the workforce after the adoption of her newborn son. She shares, “In my previous role as a full-time employee in Corporate America, I was charged to be available both nights and weekends. As a new mom, my priority was the health and well-being of my newly formed family. I couldn’t imagine balancing the needs of my family while managing a portfolio of projects for an international company. Ultimately, I chose to resign from my position to focus on my family. I learned that my schedule and flexibility are more valuable than anything a corporation could provide. After I learned the benefits of being an independent contractor, I re-entered the workforce when I joined FLG as a 1099 contractor. At FLG, I now have complete control over my hours, still pursue professional opportunities, while also keeping my family a priority.”

FLG contractors (including subject matter experts, project managers, instructional designers, and HQ staff) have full access to the following benefits:

  • Remote and flexible schedule
  • Project-based work

Additionally, full-time employees receive

  • Unlimited PTO
  • 12 weeks of parental leave (adoption and fostering included)

FLG is an intentionally built company made up of a remote, flexible, project-based workforce–a visionary model created by our co-founders. As we celebrate five years since inception, FLG will continue to create workforce-focused change for disconnected populations, leading to socio-economic mobility, especially for women.