Freedom Learning Group’s video, audio, animation, and production team captures your learners’ emotion and engagement by bringing your content and concepts to life.


Audio & Video

The production team at Freedom Learning Group (FLG) provides customized strategic support integrated with client needs, from managing the entire end-to-end production process to supporting your existing team with animators, storyboard designers, scriptwriters, or subject matter experts (SMEs).  

We work with you through conceptualization, scripting, design, or on-site shooting. Whether shooting scenario-based storytelling vignettes, filming a set of skills, or an audio course explaining the importance of safety and compliance, FLG will proactively collaborate with your team every step of the way.  

  • Accessibility
  • Directing
  • Graphic Design
  • Green Screen Production
  • Motion Graphics & Animation
  • Producing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Studio and Location Production
  • Video Editing
  • Voiceover

Subject Matter Expertise

The finding and hiring of quality, reliable subject matter experts (SME) and instructional designers (ID) is the foundation of Freedom Learning Group (FLG). FLG’s access to 1.2 million SMEs and IDs is unrivaled in both its size and quality. FLG hires and manages the SMEs and IDs while providing a single point-of-contact for our clients. Learn more about our Subject Matter Experts working on your project.

Audio & Video Services

Leveraging the power of multimedia to enhance your content

Audio & Video Services

“With FLG, I am able to stay competitive in my field of expertise even living in a spot with limited job opportunities. My absolute favorite reason for working with FLG is the flexibility. It allows me to set a strong examples for my daughters, as I can strike a work-life balance while supporting my family’s needs.”

Jenna D., Subject Matter Expert

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