Freedom Learning Group produces high-impact digital courseware designed to drive employee engagement, achieve learning outcomes, and improve performance through annual training, continuing education, and remote training solutions.



Services include:

Subject Matter Expertise

The finding and hiring of quality, reliable subject matter experts (SME) and instructional designers (ID) is the foundation of Freedom Learning Group (FLG). FLG’s access to 1.2 million SMEs and IDs is unrivaled in both its size and quality. FLG hires and manages the SMEs and IDs while providing a single point-of-contact for our clients. Learn more about our Subject Matter Experts working on your project.


Future-forward education solutions for all of your learners or employees


“The stars aligned when I first discovered FLG, as education rings true in my heart. FLG looks for accomplished individuals to provide e-Learning curriculum development and my academic leadership background was a perfect match.”

Stephanie W., Project Manager

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