Freedom Learning Group’s team of experts creates materials to augment the instructor and student learning experience bringing the course material to life.


Instructor & Student Supplement Authoring

Materials include:

  • Manuals
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Study Guides
  • Visuals

Subject Matter Expertise

The finding and hiring of quality, reliable subject matter experts (SME) and instructional designers (ID) is the foundation of Freedom Learning Group (FLG). FLG’s access to 1.2 million SMEs and IDs is unrivaled in both its size and quality. FLG hires and manages the SMEs and IDs while providing a single point-of-contact for our clients. Learn more about our Subject Matter Experts working on your project.

Instructor & Supplement Authoring

Personalized materials to fit the objectives for your students or workforce

Curriculum Development

“I received a message on LinkedIn from FLG about an open project they were hiring for. I am fulfilled in my work as an educator knowing that I am contributing to the advancement of those who study the curriculum I write.

Barbara W., Subject Matter Expert

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