Freedom Learning Group’s success is tied to our commitment to upskilling our workforce with industry knowledge and soft skills.


Subject Matter Expertise

FLG intentionally works to close the skills gap, and return Americans (specifically, Military Spouses and Veterans) to the workforce in a flexible and remote environment while attracting top talent and producing high-quality products. 

Freedom Learning Group’s network of highly qualified Military Spouses and Veterans is our most significant and competitive differentiator. Learn how we position America’s best to support our partners.

About our Subject Matter Experts

The finding and hiring of quality, reliable subject matter experts (SME) and instructional designers (ID) is the foundation of Freedom Learning Group (FLG). FLG’s access to 1.2 million SMEs and IDs is unrivaled in both its size and quality. FLG hires and manages the SMEs and IDs while providing a single point-of-contact for our clients.  

FLG was founded in 2017 with a cutting-edge business model intentionally designed to fit the needs of Military Spouses and Veterans while keeping them relevant in their respective professional fields. FLG provides Military Spouses and Veterans with subject matter expertise the opportunity to reskill and upskill with meaningful employment opportunities through a geographically dispersed workforce. 

Publishers, Universities, and Corporate America often rely on SMEs and IDs for content and curriculum development, whose quality and availability can fluctuate depending on the service company’s business model.

FLG produces high quality, engaging, educational content motivated by the desire to see learners succeed. Our contributors, all qualified SMEs in their own right;

  • Many are available full time
  • A shared vision to serve and support our partners
  • Ownership and pride in a job well done
  • A passion for user and partner engagement and success

Our Vetting Process 

 FLG qualifies subject matter experts (SME) contributors based on a combination of “field experience”, pedagogical experience, and academic qualifications. For example, our STEM Instructional Designers have varied backgrounds in disciplines like chemistry, engineering, and mathematics. Our Senior Project Directors (SPDs) work with our clients within the planning stage to evaluate specific roles, tasks, and timing for an individual or team effort towards an objective or desired outcome. We ensure we have the right person for your needs.

Subject Matter Experts

1.2 million subject matter experts stand ready to provide their industry knowledge on your project

Subject Matter Expert

“In my 3 month upskilling and reskilling journey, FLG helped me build professional character by making me tap into unknown capabilities. I am forever grateful to have been chosen by FLG to help build and maintain its Salesforce platform.”

Eudora S., Subject Matter Expert

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