Supporting Military Spouses & Veterans This Election Day

On Tuesday, November 2, the eyes of the world will fall upon our free nation. Americans are united by the freedoms and responsibilities that come with living in a democracy. One of the most considerable duties we have as citizens is to form our government, at every level, by using our greatest asset – our vote. 

This election day, Freedom Learning Group (FLG) turns their attention to some extraordinary organizations dedicated to Military Spouses and Veterans in office. The servicemen and women, and their families, who are drawn to an all-volunteer force are naturally ready to serve in additional capacities, from local School Boards to Capitol Hill. 

Military Spouses and Veterans understand first hand the direct impact of foreign and domestic policies created in Washington. They are a population uniquely qualified to speak to the human consequences of these decisions. Additionally, their natural leadership skills make a much needed addition in office. Military Spouses and Veterans are committed to serving others and are a valuable, yet often untapped, resource or group of leaders. 

There are a number of organizations committed to encouraging the military-connected community to share their voice in office. 

Homefront Rising is dedicated to supporting Military Spouses in public service and encouraging them to voice their opinion in office. They use a nonpartisan platform to train Military Spouses to run for office while providing opportunities to learn more about the democratic process, military family voting rights, and other applicable resources

Veterans Campaign is a nonpartisan, non-ideological organization whose mission is to encourage, mentor, and prepare Veterans for a “second service” in civic leadership. Veterans Campaign believes that Veterans are one of the most diverse groups in the US and are a stellar example of putting differences aside to work toward a common goal. Veterans have demonstrated their willingness to put country above their own interests. 

Civic Alliance is a nonpartisan group of businesses working together to build a future where everyone participates in shaping our country. Civic Alliance believes that a strong democracy is good for business and a democracy where everyone participates strengthens our country. Civic Alliance is committed to safe, accessible, and trusted elections. This is especially important for Military families who often vote in communities they are not originally from or submit absentee ballots while stationed overseas. 

FLG was born out of a call to service. Our founders created FLG to provide a landing zone and economic opportunities for Military Spouses. Since then, we’ve been bridging the Military-civilian divide. CEO Elizabeth O’Brien said, “Service can come in very small pieces or an act of simple kindness.” Today, FLG encourages you now more than ever to use your voice in your community, whether it is through your vote or your actions. If we all commit to changing our small corner of the world, the world becomes a better place.