The Business Resource Group Launch

I am thrilled to announce Freedom Learning Group’s (FLG) launch of our first ever Business Resource Group (BRG). The BRG is a voluntary, workforce-led body bringing FLG contributors together across the globe, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace aligned with FLG’s mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives. An FLG contributor is considered anyone who works for FLG directly or one of FLG’s projects, including subject matter experts, project managers, and senior project directors, to name a few.

The BRG exists to provide a platform to foster discussion and information sharing on issues impacting our global workforce while also creating opportunities for professional development and networking. The BRG is not politically motivated, exclusive, or divisive.

As Chief People Officer, it is most important to me that our team remains connected and that we nurture a culture of inclusion. Being part of an all-remote global workforce strays from the traditional way employees connect with one another and share insight into their work environment. With a lack of “water cooler talk,” we have to get creative in how we communicate, collaborate, and cultivate relationships.

Regardless of physical location, we are all connected by our passion for FLG and the military population it serves on a daily basis. Many of us are also dually connected by our military backgrounds. The beauty of our military, an all-volunteer force, is that people have this innate desire to serve others and do good for the world. As our BRG grows and evolves, it is my hope that this underlying tone of serving others remains the common thread.

This month, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, the BRG will focus on a Month of Service. I encourage every FLG contributor to spend some purposeful time volunteering, donating to your community, or finding other ways to give back.

I hope you’ll join our BRG. We all have a little bit of power to make a difference in the world – let’s do it together!

Amy Uthe, Chief People Officer