The Importance of Investing in Learning & Development

Freedom Learning Group (FLG)  has released a white paper titled “The Importance of Investing in Learning & Development.” FLG developed this whitepaper to:

  • Shed light on the necessity of investing in L&D
  • Share how FLG can be a trusted solutions-based partner for companies needing to outsource L&D
  • Enlighten businesses, especially small business, how FLG uses Training Hub to upskill our own talent community

Learning and Development (L&D) is a term used to describe everything a business does to encourage professional development among its employees or contractors. Training courses, development programs, and online learning all fall under the bracket of L&D. In large companies, L&D is usually highly structured and powered by a Human Resources team in charge of implementation. In smaller businesses, the L&D strategy is often more constrained by the available budget and staff. Those companies are also less likely to have a dedicated Human Resources department, so responsibility might fall to someone with a similar role. And in some instances, outsourcing L&D might be the best option.

Investing in your workforce takes time, energy, and money. Replacing talent that may leave because they don’t feel valued takes even more time, energy, and money.