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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." -J.Q. Adams

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December 2020

Jamie is tenacious and wholeheartedly committed to Freedom Learning Group’s success. She is a natural leader and builds relationships based on trust and the mutual desire to see projects through to successful completion. She is a superbly dedicated contributor and we are so thankful she is on our team!

Thank you, Jamie!!



October/ November 2020

Jon is truly amazing. He always does exceptional work and gives more than 100%. If a client suggests changes, he is always the first to incorporate them. His work is spot-on and he adds his wonderful personality to ensure an excellent dynamic with any team. His work ethic and disposition are unmatched, and we are so thankful to have him at FLG!

Thank you, Jon!



September  2020

Shane is an exceptional contributor every time he takes on a project. He goes above and beyond what is asked of him and pays attention to the littlest details in a way that sets him apart. He has an aptitude for looking at every angle and detecting the root of any problem that he encounters. He truly pushes through every time that he encounters a hurdle.


Shane is incredibly intuitive and sharp and we are lucky to have him on our Freedom Learning Group team!



July/August  2020

Kim goes above and beyond on every project. She has a great attitude and approaches every task with enthusiasm and care. She is reliable and communicative, and her attention to detail is unparalleled. Kim is upbeat and always gets the job done!

Thank you, Kim!



June  2020

Ashley has an impressive work ethic. She is always very responsive to change requests and adapts to any workload that is handed to her. She never misses a deadline and frequently completes her tasks ahead of schedule. She is definitely a valuable asset to the team and we can always count on her to produce quality work.

Thank you, Ashley.  We truly appreciate you! 

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May  2020

Michelle is amazing!


Michelle goes above and beyond to ensure her work is error-free and aligns accurately with the project requirements. She is always willing to help her coworkers in any way that she can and is more than happy to make adjustments as needed. Michelle works quickly, efficiently, and always approaches everyone with kindness and respect. Having Michelle as part of our team is an absolute joy and we look forward to future projects with her! 


Thank you, Michelle!

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April  2020

Alicia has been a valued member of multiple teams and projects for Freedom Learning Group. Most recently, she went above and beyond as a Subject Matter Expert in Artificial Intelligence. Her attention to detail and expertise in the field produced courses with the highest initial ratings during the client quality assurance process.  She knocked it out of the park!  


Thank you, Alicia! 



March  2020

Alyssa's attention to detail is phenomenal. She is a team player who is consistently ready to offer assistance and/or advice to the group. Alyssa is a great communicator. She is excellent with status updates and is never shy about asking for clarification or assistance if needed.

Alyssa - Thank you for your outstanding work and dedication! We appreciate you! 



Jan/Feb  2020

Erica is excellent at learning the task at hand and conquering it with intense accuracy and precision. She’s presented with the groundwork of a project and she innately knows exactly what steps are required for delivering a high-quality product for the client.  She is eager to pitch in and incredibly accurate in her work. 


Erica is basically a meticulous math superhero who eats Calculus for breakfast! Thank you, Erica! 

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December 2019

Melissa is an awesome contributor who continues to grow in her role at FLG. She started out with content authoring and performing quality checks on assessment projects, but she is always willing to learn new things and challenge herself, jumping on calls with virtually no notice! She has contributed to designing, building, and implementing multiple workflows across FLG and she demonstrates her tenacity and constant drive to contribute to FLG's success with her daily enthusiasm and "get it done" attitude.


We are so glad to have Melissa on our team! Thank you, Melissa!!

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November 2019

​Kori is upbeat and willing to take on any task in her domain of expertise. She works at a voracious pace, completes tasks ahead of schedule, and demonstrates a keen sense of accuracy. She's referred to as the "heavy hitter" because she can knock out a tremendous volume of tasks!

Kori - We truly appreciate you and your dedication to our mission for exceptional content. We look forward to 2020 with you on our team!



October 2019

Stacey is meticulous about handling her projects with precision. She can look at a project from all angles before deciding how to conquer it. She is upbeat and eager to please, which makes her a joy to work with. We really appreciate her higher-level thinking and ability to critically assess the best outcome for the client.  

Stacey - Thank you.... a million times over! We appreciate you so much! 

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