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Women Engineers Empowered to Author Their Careers with Freedom Learning Group

May 10, 2021

Freedom Learning Group (FLG) is empowering today’s workforce to be the author of their own career journey. FLG believes careers should be meaningful, flexible, and remote while maintaining successful work-life balance. 

Led by a Military Spouse and founded by a Military family, FLG is the leading educational courseware, content, and services provider powered by a global remote workforce. FLG entered the educational courseware industry in 2017 with a business model intentionally designed to fit the needs of Military Spouses and Veterans while keeping them competitive in their respective professional fields. 

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Today, FLG’s social mission has expanded to include civilians because they, too, are experiencing drastic unemployment rates, largely due to COVID. 

At FLG, teams of subject matter experts, project managers, and project directors work together to develop and review educational content based on the client’s needs. The project-based work can range from weeks to months. Contributors are empowered with more control over their own schedule and are able to select projects seamlessly aligning with their calendar and capacity. There is a project at FLG for every phase of your career and every stage of your life. 

Since inception in 2017, FLG is proud to have 69% of our workforce represented by women and 46% made up by Military Spouses. At a time when COVID has forced women out of the workforce, FLG has created a landing zone for those seeking portable, flexible, meaningful employment opportunities, especially in the STEM field.

As a Military Spouse and woman in engineering, after having my first child I found it difficult to continue a career in the profession that would allow the flexibility I needed.  I started working as a subject matter expert with Freedom Learning Group while stationed in Germany.  The company’s flexible employment options allowed me to use the core engineering skills I mastered in problem solving, critical thinking, and project management to progress my career from subject matter expert to Executive Director.  Employment with Freedom Learning Group has allowed me to have the career progression I desire without sacrificing the support I want to give my family.” -Jill, Military Spouse and Executive Director

From home offices in 36 states and 10 countries, FLG contributors are furthering their career in their area of expertise while ensuring work-life balance. FLG was specifically founded to support a fully remote and flexible workforce – not just because COVID forced us to be this way. 

I am a retired Naval Officer and a Military Spouse. As we moved to support my husband’s career, I often had to trade meaningful work for a job while starting at the bottom of a company again and again. With FLG, I am able to stay competitive in my field of expertise even living in a spot with very limited job opportunities. My absolute favorite reason for working with FLG is the flexibility. It allows me to set a strong example for my daughters, as I can strike a work-life balance while supporting my family’s needs.” -Jenna, Veteran/Military Spouse and FLG Subject Matter Expert

FLG was founded on the unprecedented mission to provide more than just jobs but also connect its workforce to relevant career opportunities in their respective fields including science, technology, engineering, math and dozens of other disciplines.

Though fully virtual, the company culture is one based on bringing people together, creating hope, and inspiring change. And to inspire change, FLG is championing best practices for a remote, global workforce. To build the workforce of tomorrow, FLG has introduced Last Mile Training (LMT), focusing on retraining and upskilling subject matter experts while providing meaningful, multi disciplined career opportunities. FLG’s LMT picks up where academia leaves off, advancing pathways to future career opportunities. 

My experience with FLG is nothing but the right fit and a right on-time experience. Although every touchpoint has been virtual, I can sense the support and genuine relationships that are being shared. From day one, the FLG team made me feel welcome and made themselves and the resources that I needed available to me to be successful.   In my upskilling and reskilling journey, in just three months, FLG has helped me build professional character by making me tap into unknown capabilities that I didn’t know existed. Here’s to an organization focused on ensuring that Military Spouses are hired and stay hired.” -Eudora, Military Spouse and FLG Salesforce Administrator 

FLG will continue to create workforce-focused change for disconnected populations, especially women, leading to a path of economic freedoms while challenging other companies to do the same.

Throughout May, FLG will celebrate Military Spouses and Veterans during Military Appreciation month. Be sure to connect with FLG on Facebook and LinkedIn to read our newly released White Paper on best practices for supporting a remote workforce to stay on top of new job openings.